Burned By Magic Series

Urban Fantasy Romance

OfLightandFire_Amazon_iBooksOf Light And Fire  (Book 1)

A steamy urban fantasy from debut author Gina Shafer. Can love survive in a war against demons and the call from all consuming magic?

Elijah is a warrior.
A ruthless, sexy, powerful soldier and a leader of the Sicarri – an army forged for the sole purpose of ridding the world of the magic thieving demons that threaten their existence.

But he’s also gentle. Loving. He’s a father that would do whatever it takes to protect his young son, Soren. Even if that means protecting Soren from those closest to him. The world is in turmoil, battles ensue, and Elijah finds love when he least expects it with a fierce warrior named Karina. Elijah and Karina are quickly consumed with a fierce desire for one another, but as a deadly war with demons looms, they must decide how much weight their love can bear.

716AmeoX6nLIn Smoke And Ruins (Book 2)

When Karina was a little girl, her family was ripped apart at the seams. Betrayed by her mother, and left alone after her grandmother was brutally murdered, she set out to find a new purpose in life.

She found it…

Karina has been part of the Sicarri for years, slaying demons with a fiery sword in each hand. She’s focused, and nothing can get in her way. That is, until she meets a man who turns her world on its axis… Elijah.

When Elijah entered her life, he brought with him a new challenge and the promise of a love so true that even fire could not burn it down. But soon Karina learns that everything she thought she knew about the magic in her world is not what it seems. With her new knowledge, she must fight against the forces that threaten to take Elijah away from her, all while trying to keep her plan for vengeance from falling apart. Her journey through love and loss sets her life ablaze and after the fire burns, Karina is left to sift through the smoke and ruins.

An Artificial Sun

Standalone New Adult Contemporary Romance

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COMING – JUNE 20th, 2019

COVER REVEAL – May 15th, 2019

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The moment I met Nick Adler, he refused to tell me his name. I already knew it, of course, but I wasn’t going to tell him that.

He was gorgeous, and not in a typical kind of way. Nick’s allure came from his ability to master grace and charm while simultaneously being rough around the edges.

I fought my attraction, hard. There was no room in my life for a man like him. My mother was battling Alzheimer’s, and my father and I could hardly keep up with her care. Nick would be a distraction that I couldn’t afford. I’d made up my mind. I was going to ignore him.

And then my dad invited him over for dinner. I watched him that night, unable to ignore the feeling clawing through my chest. I knew Nick would be the end of me.

But, I was wrong.
He was just the beginning.