A raw excerpt from Of Light And Fire

It has been extremely difficult trying to find a piece of the story to share with everyone. There are so many twists and turns in the book, that I didn’t want to give anything away before everyone has a chance to read it.

I wanted to give everyone a feel for the book and it’s darkness. This is not just a story about fighting Demons. It’s a story about a man, a father, a lover. Someone who feels and is deeply affected by what’s happening around him.

I decided to share this piece of the prologue, which is also a journal entry of Eijah’s. Mind you, this is completely unedited and there are sure to be many errors in the writing. I hope that you can take it for what it it, and that you enjoy this small part of the story!

The nightmares are back. This time I woke Soren with my screaming. He cried for at least an hour while Vara rocked him back to sleep, singing and humming soft words the entire time. All the while I sat in the hallway at the front of his door, my guilt cementing me to the floor. After Soren was back in bed, Vara came to me and asked me to write my feelings down on paper, to purge my issues in the hopes that it would keep the nightmares at bay. That somehow, putting my memories in ink would act as some kind of catharsis and my head would emerge from the notepad healed and ready to move forward with my life. It’s a good idea, in theory, but I’m not sure if this particular approach was meant for someone who’s seen what I’ve seen. Still, I’m taking her advice. God knows I would do anything for that woman, my beautiful wife. She worries that my emotions will soon boil over, seeping into our lives from all corners and staining the edges. I can’t say that she’s wrong and I certainly don’t blame her, but I’ve never been good at sharing my feelings. I like to keep them inside, wrapped tight and tucked away neatly, where they’re safe from hurting the ones I love. So, I guess she has a point. If putting pen to paper will help my family… well, here goes…

What do you think about Elijah’s decision to write in his journal? Do you think it will help? And what do you think his nightmares are all about? Leave a comment and let me know!

Keep an eye out for another blog post soon where you get a peek into Elijah’s dark dreams.

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