Why Did I Write Of Light And Fire? 



For years I’d been thinking about writing a book. I had so many stories in my head that would make me pause and think “oh hey, that sounds like it would make a good book.” But, as it often does, life got in the way. I was busy raising my two young kids while my husband’s busy work schedule left me alone more often than not.

After long days with the kids, I would plop down in bed without giving myself a chance for quietness. Without giving myself any time to be an adult, with thoughts and feelings, with imagination. I was uncomfortable in moments with nothing to capture my interest and my time because I knew… I just knew that my mind was starving for something more.

When my kids got a little bit older, the moments in between got longer and I was forced into recognizing my need for a creative outlet. So, what did I do with my starving mind?

I fed it.

One day, I began to write… and write… and write some more. Until I had enough words to call what I had written a manuscript. I wrote until the chapters became clear and the plot grew and grew.

I never thought I would take this book this far. If I’m being honest, I never thought I would even let anyone read it. It was my side project, a secret piece of myself. I escaped to this world after long and tiring days of being called mommy only one hundred thousand times – at the very least.

I hope you love the people… the places… the story that I’ve created as much as I do.


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