Mascarpone and Honey Toast 

Oh Toast, you never fail me.

I wouldn’t call this a recipe exactly, I mean it’s only 3 ingredients and the only thing to be considered cooking involves a toaster, but I couldn’t resist sharing. This toast in meant to be shared. Its lightly sweet, but carries a little tang from the cheese, and the crunchy bite of the bread just rounds the whole thing out and creates the perfect snack. And I love toast so much, that I expect you’ll see a lot of random toast recipes (for lack of a better word) on this blog. I hope you’ll come to appreciate them as much as I do!

So, I like to start out with a whole grain, or wheat toast. Lightly toasted, and smeared with a little bit of butter – because without butter, I think the world would be a sad, sad, place.


Then, a very healthy smear of mascarpone cheese. The most velvety, creamy, but still oddly light cheese in the universe. I’m pretty sure mascarpone cheese is the cheese of the gods.

And after all that is said and done, a drizzle of honey to bring the whole thing together. Be careful, this is addicting, and satisfying morning, noon, and night. I like to have this with my morning coffee or tea most of all. YUM! Enjoy.

Mascarpone and Honey Toast

Yield: 1 Toast        Prep time: 5 minutes



1 slice lightly toasted whole wheat bread

2 tbsp. mascarpone cheese

½ tbsp. butter

Drizzle of honey



Lightly toast bread and smear with butter. Then, coat toast with mascarpone cheese, and drizzle with honey. Serve with coffee or tea. Enjoy!

Mascarpone and Honey Toast – Free Printable Recipe Here!


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